Water Softener Sizing Calculator

*Round up where applicable.
Note: If your hardness is measured in MG/L or PPM divide it by 17.1 to convert to GPG.

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People in Household   Gal per Person     GPG Hardness   If City Water,
Enter 0 for Iron
Total Grains Per Day That Must Be Removed:

What do your results mean?

Note: Calculations are based upon your softener system regenerating on an average of every 7 days.

If Your Daily Grain Requirements Are:   You Need a Water Softener With:
0 - 3,500 Grains Per Day 24,000 Grain Capacity
3,501 - 4,500 Grains Per Day 32,000 Grain Capacity
4,501 - 5,750 Grains Per Day 40,000 Grain Capacity
5,751 - 6,850 Grains Per Day 48,000 Grain Capacity
6,851 - 9,150 Grains Per Day 64,000 Grain Capacity
9,151 - 11,500 Grains Per Day 80,000 Grain Capacity
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