Water Softener Tanks

Hard Water and Water Softening Tanks

Water Softener Benefit Diagram

Hard water is the most common problem found in the average home. Hard water happens when calcium, magnesium, lime, or other hardness minerals are dissolved in the water supply. This can cause soap to be less effective in dishwashers, laundry and showers. Water softener tanks remove these minerals through an automated process and without adding any sort of chemicals to your water supply. Learn more in our water softener guide.

H2O Water Softener Tanks are made with Fleck Controls, Structural Polyglass Tanks, and softening resin from ResinTech.

  Don’t be Fooled by “Salt Free Water Softeners”

Some systems claim to solve hard water problems, but in truth, they only sequester the hardness components that cause scale. You’re left with all the hardness you started with! These systems, often promoted as “Salt Free Water Softeners” do not provide all the benefits of water softening. Only Ion Exchange Water Softening Resin can remove all hardness components and provide your family with truly softened water.

Get help from a Certified Water Specialist at H2O with your questions about water softening. We will be glad to help you get rid of your hard water and save money in the process.

Systems made in the United States of America.

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