Filter Water for Home Beer Brewing

Homebrew Water Treatment

Why Filter Your Water before Brewing?

When brewing beer with tap or bottled water, chlorine and chloramine present in the water can combine with malt phenols in the wort to create a compound called chlorophenol, which can give the beer a medicinal taste. Cleaning your equipment with unfiltered tap water and not allowing it to dry properly will leave chlorine on the surface and lead to the same production of chlorophenol. Sediments and other total dissolved solids (TDS) present in tap water can give your beer a cloudy, hazy look.

Products Best Suited for Home Brewing:

Under Sink Systems

For brewing purposes, undersink system are recommended over reverse osmosis (RO) systems because it keeps minerals vital to the brewing proccess in the water. The reverse osmosis membrane removes calcium, which produces an acid that helps balance the alkaline phosphates (pH) in the malt. It also removes magnesium, which helps the yeast produce the enzymes need for the fermentation proccess.

Filter Housing

If you only want a single filter cartridge you will need a filter housing(s) to hold the cartridge(s). The best choice is the 150558 (pictured to the right), featuring a clear body so you’ll know when you need to change you cartridge and a pressure release button.

Carbon Block Cartridges

Next you’ll need a carbon filter to purify the water. Carbon Block Cartridges are an inexpensive solution and serves two purposes in homebrewing. First is to remove chlorine and any foul tasting chemicals present in the water, which can give your beer a medicinal taste to it. It can also serve as a ‘polish’ to your beer, refiltering the finished brew will remove any fogginess (haze) and yeast.

Inline Filters

Want a more streamlined water treatment solution to integrate into your brewery? Try our inline filters, with 1/4″ or 3/8″ FPT connections, and a wide range of removal capabilities: sediment, chlorine taste and odor, rust, lead, cysts, particulates, tds reduction, and even stabilize your water’s pH.

Brackets, Wrenches, & O-Rings

Brackets, Wrenches, & O-Rings

Parts, tools and replacements for filter housings. Brackets to mount the housing, wrenches to help remove the housing body from the head, and replacement o-rings in case your filter housing begins to leak.