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About Omnipure Filters


In 1970, Omnipure Filter Company revolutionized the filtration industry by making the first small disposable, inline carbon filter. Their first filter, and every filter since, was designed to eliminate or reduce contaminants that cause unwanted taste, odor and discoloration in potable water. From this simple concept of "better tasting water", Omnipure Filter Company has grown and developed.

In the beginning, Omnipure filters were used primarily on water coolers and ice makers. As the market has developed, our products have found their way into many more applications including commercial beverage equipment, under-the-sink and on the counter residential units, and drinking fountains. They are also widely used as components in commercial and residential purification systems such as reverse osmosis units. Today, you will find Omnipure filters utilized in virtually any situation where better tasting water is important.

Omnipure Plant, Caldwell, Idaho
Omnipure Plant, Caldwell, Idaho