Water System Applications

"What System Do I Need?"

Guide to Our Water Filtration Systems

Need to filter water but not sure about the differences between or applications of our systems? Use our Water Filter Systems Guide to find out which system is best for your filtration needs.

For more information on what water filter is right for your needs, you can also read the CDC’s Guide on Choosing Water Filter Systems.

Drinking Water Filtration

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis
(Under Sink)

Reverse osmosis water filtration systems can remove 90% of total dissolved solids (TDS) from water and can provide the purest water available for your home. Reverse osmosis water filters remove a wide range of contaminants and minerals from your drinking water, including sand, chlorine, fluoride, cryptosporidium, and hexavalent chromium.

Under Sink Systems

Under Sink Filters

Under sink water filters remove contaminants from water like a reverse osmosis (RO) systems but leave in minerals like calcium and fluoride. Under sink filters are easier to maintain, have a higher flow rate & water pressure than RO systems, and unlike RO systems, they produce no waste water.

Ultraviolet Purification Systems

Ultraviolet Purification

UV water purification can be more effective than chemicals in destroying certain waterborne contaminants without altering the taste of the water. This makes it a practical process for treating water that is used for drinking and food preparation.

Countertop Systems


Counter top filters are an inexpensive and simple solution to home water filtration. Counter top systems can be easily installed in the kitchen in minutes and require no tools. These systems come with granular activated carbon (GAC) media, KDF media, carbon block cartridge, or ceramic cartridge inside.

Portable Gravity Filters

Portable Gravity

Due to their effectiveness at eliminating water-born diseases such as cholera, typhoid, E. Coli, etc., these water filters are being specified for field operations by many of the world’s major aid and emergency relief organizations. Easily portable and makes water from lakes and streams safe to drink, gravity filters are excellent for camping, emergencies or home use.

NSA Filters and Replacement Parts

NSA Filters & Replacement Parts

Due to NSA no longer being in business we offer a quality selection of comparable replacement filters and parts from H2O International.

Shower & Kitchen

Shower Head Filters and Cartridges

Shower Filters

We carry a wide assortment of shower head filters with multiple features and finishes to suit any decor. Many of our shower filters have multi-function sprays to turn an ordinary shower into a luxuriating experience. And most of our shower heads contain built-in filters to reduce chlorine from your shower water, which can damage your skin and hair over an extended period of time.

Inline Water and Icemaker Filters

Inline Filters

These filters are often used as a Reverse Osmosis (RO) inline post filter. They clip on to the membrane housing and filter the water after the bladder tank, acting as a polishing filter. Other applications include: ice makers, appliances, water coolers, coffee makers, and other low flow applications.

Non-Backwashing Carbon Filters

Non-Backwashing Carbon Filters

Non-backwashing systems are smaller, low-priced systems that use replaceable cartridges to remove sediment. These systems are ideal for smaller homes seeking to remove chlorine from all faucets, showers and utilities in the home.

Backwashing Carbon Filters

Backwashing Carbon Filters

Backwashing Systems are larger systems that remove sediment automatically by backwashing the system with water. This lifts the media bed and rinses sediment particles to the drain and re-grades the carbon bed. These systems are ideal for consumers who seek lower maintenance and have larger homes.

Large Backwashing Filters for Estate Homes

Large Backwashing Filters for Estate Homes

Large Backwashing Systems are sized for Estate homes or homes with special high-flow shower systems. These systems offer low maintenance and high quality filtration at flow rates between 16 and 35 gallons per minute.

Replacement Tanks

Replacement Tanks

Replacement tanks are offered for consumers who have non-backwashing carbon tanks that require periodic replacement.

Water Softeners

Water Softeners

Water softeners remove magnesium, calcium and iron by exchanging these ions with sodium ions in a resin bed . These can cause you to have ‘hard water’, which causes limescale to build up on pipes and soaps and detergents to be much less effective. View a map of water hardness areas in the United States.

Well Water Systems

Well Water

Well water systems remove elements, such as iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide, that commonly build up in private wells and also stop the corrosion of copper pipes. There are also models that can balance pH or remove sediment in addition to this.

Multi-Cartridge Commercial Housings

Multi-Cartridge Housings

Heavy duty commercial systems constructed out of stainless steel with a wide variety of ordering options to customize the system to your needs. These systems hold multiple cartridges and sizes from (4) to (22) between 10-40″ in length.

Single-Cartridge Commercial Housings

Single-Cartridge Housings

Heavy duty commercial systems constructed out of stainless steel with a wide variety of ordering options to customize the system to your needs. These systems hold a single cartridge from 10-30″ in length.

Everpure Commercial Systems

Everpure Commercial

Everpure offers a variety of systems for different applications; drinking water, coffee, fountains, icemakers, combo and steam systems. All Everpure systems use easy to replace cartridges.

Big Bubba Industrial System

Big Bubba Industrial System

Big-Bubba filter housings are made of rugged, glass-reinforced polypropylene so they will not chip, rust, or dent. And because all wetted surfaces are non-metallic, they are ideal when chemical compatibility is an issue and for sea water applications.

Other Applications



Aquariums need three types of filtration to maintain a healthy environment for freshwater, saltwater or amphibian aquariums (sediment filtration, carbon filtration, and removal of biological contaminants).

Automotive and RV


When traveling around the state or the country in a RV you might not always know where you will be getting the water from or what might be in it. Water that is stored in a RV holding tank will not stay potable for long and can become a breeding ground for algae and bacteria.



Chemicals added to public water supplies, like chlorine, can be harmful to the living cells of plants.



When brewing beer with tap or bottled water, chlorine and chloramine present in the water can combine with malt phenols in the wort to create a compound called chlorophenol, which can give the beer a medicinal taste.

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