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Aries Acid Washed Coconut Shell Cartridges

Aries Catalytic Carbon Cartridges for Chloramine & Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

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Aries KDF85/Coconut Shell GAC Cartridges

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About Aries Filter Works


Aries Filter Works was formed from the acquisition of several key business that complemented ResinTech’s core technologies. The division, originally named Aries, was founded in 1999 with the acquisition of the Vaponics Cartridge line from Osmonics, Inc. The division has flourished with the purchase of several other companies and product lines including: Ion Exchange Products, Hydro Components, WinLab and most recently American Filter Works. Today, the newly named Aries Filter Works division offers a variety of replacement cartridges.

Aries makes a wide variety of medias are available to handle a number of problem waters. The housings are made of high-grade injection molded plastic.