Whole House Benefit Diagram
Whole House Water Filter

Why choose a Whole House Water Filter?

A whole house water filtration system will benefit every member of your family everyday. Showering in chlorine free water will make a noticeable difference in your hair and skin. These systems remove chlorine, taste and odor as well as dirt and sediments from your drinking water. These systems will not reduce water flow in a home with up to 2 bathrooms with standard showers.

All of our whole house systems use Coconut Shell Activated Carbon media.

Non-Backwashing Carbon Whole House Filters

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H2O Filter Warehouse Backwashing Carbon Filters

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Large Backwashing Carbon Filters for Estate Homes

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Replacement Tanks

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Pentek Whole House Systems

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Empty Tanks

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Whole House Accessories

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Whole House Installation Kits

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