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H2O WH1054CSCX-UF, Acid Neutralizing Inline Well Water System

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Filtered Water Benefits the Whole Family
pH Scale Chart


  • Acid Neutralizing Filter stops Blue/Green Staining
  • Installs on main line, treats all water through entire home
  • Water flows up through media - (Up Flow)
  • Stops corrosion of copper pipes
  • Magnesium Oxide and Calcite media bed
  • Funnel, rubber bands, and extra media included
  • pH correction between 5-7
  • Flow rate 6-8 GPM : Peak flow rate 10 GPM
  • Structural Poly Glass™ Tank w Molded Tank Head
  • Standard with 1" inlets or 3/4" available on request
  • Replenish media easily through removable fill hole
Blue/Green Staining as a result of copper corrosion caused by low pH water

The blue/green staining shown in the image is a result of copper corrosion caused by low pH water.

This acid neutralizing filter correct pH between 5 & 7. The pH correction stops blue/green staining of tubs, toilets, and fixtures.

A combination of Magnesium Oxide and Calcite is used to achieve a balanced reaction in differing flow conditions. Magnesium Oxide dissolve faster and is best for high flows. Calcite produces a much slower reaction and works best for low flow rates. The combination provides even pH correction for homes with varying flow rates.

The Structural 10" × 54" PolyGlass tank has a removable dome hole cap for ease in adding media to the tank. As the water passes through the media bed, the minerals dissolve in the water to neutralize the acid. As a result the media bed diminishes and must be replenished from time to time. The dole hole allows replenishment to be performed without disconnecting the plumbing.

This system works every time. Call H2O Distributors today with your questions or to place an order.

WH1054CS/CX Reverse Osmosis System Specifications
Max Capacity:  virtually unlimited Flow Rate:  10 GPM (30.8 L/min)
Dimensions:  62" (H) × 10" (D) Shipping Weight:  120 lb.