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H2O WH1054-FX, Filox Point of Entry Iron, Sulfur and Manganese Water Filter

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  Removes Iron, Sulphur & Manganese
  6 - 8 Gallons Per Minute Flow Rate
  Removes Up to 5 PPM Iron
  Removes Up to 5 PPM Sulphur
  Fleck Backwashing Control Valve
Filtered Water Benefits the Whole Family

Watts Residential iron, hydrogen sulfide and manganese filters are built utilizing Filox™ filter media as the primary layer. These chemical free filters are designed to remove dissolved metals (such as iron), silt, & turbidity from water. Vigorous back washing keeps the bed clean.


  • Iron, Sulfur & Manganese Removal System
  • Fleck 7000 is the most widely used brand of control valve in the industry
  • Removes up to 5 ppm iron
  • Removes up to 5 ppm hydrogen sulfide
  • Removes up to 3 ppm manganese
  • Reduces other heavy metals
  • No chemicals
  • All international voltages available
  • Rust proof wound fiberglass polyethylene tanks feature 150 PSI operating pressure
  • Energy efficient controller uses < $ 2.00 of electricity per year
  • Bypass valves included
System uses Filox™ Media
This system uses
Filox™ Media.
Tank Size: 54" (H) × 10" (D) Flow Rate: 6-8 GPM