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H2O UCF-02-14-JG, Dual Stage Under Sink System (Cartridges & Faucet Sold Separately)

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  • Under Sink Housing Assembly
  • Cartridge & Faucet Sold Separately
  • Top Quality John Guest Fittings, Valves & Tubing
  • Accepts Industry Standard 10" Cartridges
  • Assembled in the USA
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Assembled in the U.S.

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Filtered Water Benefits the Whole Family

John Guest Quick-Connect Fittings:

No Tools Needed

Quick-Connect Fittings

Tubing connection has never been easier than with John Guest Quick-Connect fittings. View our simplified Quick-Connect diagrams to see how...

Genuine John Guest Fittings

Download Quick-Connect Instructions
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Easily Connect Your System
to Your Icemaker

Quick-Connect Fittings
More Uses Than Bottled Water
  System accepts (2) 10" x 2.5" Cartridges sold separately.

Build Your Own System. Choose from our large selection of Filter Cartridges to meet your exact needs and desires.

Your Family will Benefit from Healthy, Clean Water
Great Tasting Water, Coffee & Tea
Healthy Water for Cooking
Endless Supply of Water
Never Runs Out
Pure Water for Ice
Improve Pet Health with Filtered Water
Save Money over Bottled Water

Click below on category of filter cartridges that you would like to use, or look at them all! H2O offers you the widest number of options using our UCF series of under sink systems.

UCF under sink systems include John Guest Quick-Connect 1/4" (2) QC to Stem Elbows, John Guest Angle Stop Adaptor, John Guest 1/4" Tubing, Housing Wrench and Bracket.

Carbon Block Cartridges 10x2½ GAC Cartridges 10x2½ KDF/GAC Filter Cartridge Chloramine Reduction Cartridges 10x2½ Aries Chloramine & Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Melt Blown Sediment Cartridges 10x2½ Flow-Max Pleated Sediment Cartridges 10x2½ Doulton Ceramic Cartridges 10x2½ Fluoride Removal Cartridges 10x2½ Aries Phospate/GAC Cartridges Aries Phosphate Cartridges Aries Arsenic Removal Cartidges Aries High Purity Mixed DI Resin Cartridges Aries Heavy Metal Removal Cartridges Aries pH Correction Cartridges Aries KDF85/Coconut Shell GAC Cartridges
Filtered Water Benefits the Whole Family