3.2-Gallon Steel Bladder Tank – White


3.2-Gallon White Steel Bladder Tank with 1/4" MPT connection. This size tank comes as a standard component with H2O Filter Warehouse Reverse Osmosis Systems or can be used as a replacement part for any Reverse Osmosis System. This tank is made by PA E and is NSF Certified.

  NOTE: Add 1-1/2" vertical clearance for valve.
    This tank in also available in Blue
Tank Valve
John Guest Reverse Osmosis Tank Valves can be found below in
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Water Pressure Water Capacity Water Pressure Water Capacity
15 PSIG 1.26 gal 40 PSIG 2.66 gal
20 PSIG 1.72 gal 45 PSIG 2.82 gal
25 PSIG 2.05 gal 50 PSIG 2.93 gal
30 PSIG 2.33 gal 55 PSIG 3.07 gal
35 PSIG 2.52 gal 60 PSIG 3.17 gal

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs

Material Composition

Gallon Capacity

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