H2O International RC Ice Maker Water Filter

$63.00 - $74.00

Qty Price Ea.
2 $69.00
3 $66.00
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Price Per Unit
H2O-RC$63.00 - $74.00
$63.00 - $74.00
  • Granular Carbon & KDF 55 Media
  • Chlorine, Taste & Odor Removal
  • 3,000 Gallon Capacity
  • Maintenance Free for 1 Year

The H2O RC ice maker filter is the same size as NSA 25I. This system will remove chlorine, bad taste and odor from your family’s water. The RC also removes lead and does a better job of chemical contaminant removal than the NSA 25I.

Utilizing Granular Activated Carbon and patented KDF media, this unit is bacteriostatic, meaning it will inhibit bacteria growth from within the unit. KDF also enhances the carbon’s ability to remove chemical contaminants by removing most of the chlorine from the water before the water contacts the carbon, thus freeing up the carbon to perform higher levels of filtration.

Use the H2O RC to feed your refrigerator for ice and water. The RC will produce 3,000 gallons of quality drinking water and ice before a replacement is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions About H2O-RC Ice Maker Filter

Does this system have a replaceable filter?

No. This is a sealed system which is designed to last for 1 year and be completely maintenance free for that period. At the end of 1 year it should be replaced with a new one.

What is the difference between the RC and the NSA 25I — they look the same?

The RC has KDF and Granular Activated Carbon (GAC). The NSA 25I only has carbon. The RC also comes standard with John Guest quick-connect fittings that connect and disconnect without tools. It is also available with compression fittings like the NSA 25I.

What benefit does KDF offer?

KDF removes heavy metals such as lead. It also removes most of the chlorine from the water before the water contacts the carbon. By having the chlorine removed, the carbon can work on removing the other more difficult contaminants that carbon has the ability to remove such as VOC’s and THM’s. KDF also is a bacteriostatic media which means it inhibits bacteria growth from within the unit itself.

Is the RC unit easy to install?

Yes, very easy. It takes just a few minutes to do. If your tubing is 1/4" plastic, the installation doesn’t require any tools outside of a sharp knife or tubing cutter. If it is 1/4" copper, than the only tool needed is a copper tubing cutter. The RC also includes a mounting bracket.

Can the RC be used on a coffee machine or water fountain?

Yes, the RC can be used on any 1/4" water line for a low flow filtration application.

Does the RC have a warranty?

Yes, the RC has a 3 year pro-rata residential warranty. This is the same kind of warranty that is commonly found on car tires and batteries. If there is any problem with the unit that causes it to be replaced within 3 years, you would pay for the period of use that you actually did get towards the purchase a replacement unit. This way it assures you that the RC won’t cost more than $2/month no matter how much water you use or what the quality of your tap water is.


  • Warranted for 1 year of maintenance free performance
  • Mounting bracket is included
  • Intended for use on municipally treated water
  • Do not use on microbiologically unsafe water supplies
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Removes LeadRemoves Chlorine
Media in This System:
GAC Media
Granular Activated Carbon Removes Chlorine, Bad, Taste and Odor and Chemical Contaminants.
KDF Media
KDF Media Removes Lead and Inhibits Bacteria Growth from within the unit.
Inline Cutaway Diagram
View a cutaway diagram of typical under sink filter to see how it works.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Country of Origin

H2O-RC Specifications
Expected Maximum Capacity: 3,000 gal (11,356 L) Flow Rate: 1.0 gpm (3.8 L/min.)
Dimensions: 11.5" (H) × 2.75" (D) (29.2 cm × 7.0 cm) Shipping Weight: 2.5 lbs. (1.1 kg)
For use with Cold Water only

H2O-RC Brochure


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