Pentek FloPlus Big Blue 20″ x 4.5″, 0.5 Micron Carbon Block Cartridge

$95.00 - $110.00

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6 $105.00
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FloPlus-20BB$95.00 - $110.00
$95.00 - $110.00
  • Removes Chlorine, Taste & Odor
  • Removes Cryptosporidium & Giardia
  • 0.5 Micron Filtration
  • Carbon Block Cartridge
  • Enhanced Sediment Removal
  • Fits Big Blue Housings
  • High Flow Cartridge, Low Pressure Drop
  • Ideal for Inline Systems

FloPlus cartridges utilize a revolutionary new technology that significantly enhances the traditional Fibredyne product, making it possible to obtain cyst reduction in a cartridge that functions like a nominal 10-micron cartridge.

This product boasts extremely low pressure drops and high flow rates – comparable to 10-micron (very open) carbon cartridges. Its efficiency is so high that a 0.5-micron rating is possible, which means that cysts and very small particles can be removed to create cleaner, safer water.

This product is ideal for applications where pressure drop and low flow have been chronic problems in the past, as well as whole house water treatment (using larger cartridges) with the addition of cyst reduction. However, it will address the needs of any end user looking for a product that offers high flow, low pressure drop, infrequent cartridge changes and cyst-free water.

Removes CryptosporidiumRemoves GiardiaRemoves Chlorine


  • Nominal 0.5-micron rating
  • 99.95% reduction of Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts
  • Premium dirt-holding capacity
  • Outstanding chlorine taste & odor reduction
  • True depth filtration which offers greatest life of any cyst-capable carbon cartridge
  • Pentek is the largest brand in the filtration industry
  • Pentek is the originator of carbon block production technology
  • Pentek is the largest producer of carbon blocks worldwide


  • High flow rates and low pressure drop similar to a nominal 10-micron cartridge
  • Delivers optimal cyst reduction for whole house carbon treatment
  • Maximum life – dirt-holding ability of a 10-micron carbon block with the particulate efficiency of a 0.5-micron cartridge
Structure of activated carbon in a carbon block filter

Standard Carbon Block Filter
Fibredyne Carbon Block Filter

Structure of FloPlus Fibredyne Modified Molded Block

*Fiberdyne is a Pentair subsidiary


  • Whole house cyst reduction with carbon treatment
  • Cyst reduction where low flow, high pressure drop or premature plugging has been problematic
  • Areas where low water pressure has made cyst reduction difficult due to high pressure drops (low flow)
  • High flow applications (>25 gpm possible)
Model Maximum Dimensions Nominal µm Rating* Initial ΔP @ Flow* Chlorine Capacity @ Flow*
FloPlus-10 9-3/4" × 2-7/8" 0.5 µm 2.0 psid @ 1.0 GPM >10,000 gal @ 1.0 GPM
FloPlus-20 20" × 2-7/8" 0.5 µm 2.0 psid @ 2.0 GPM >20,000 gal @ 2.0 GPM
FloPlus-10BB 9-3/4" × 4-5/8" 0.5 µm 4.0 psid @ 2.0 GPM >25,000 gal @ 2.0 GPM
FloPlus-20BB 20" × 4-5/8" 0.5 µm 4.0 psid @ 4.0 GPM >50,000 gal @ 4.0 GPM

* Based on manufacturer’s internal testing.

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Pentek FloPlus Series Cartridge