Sterilight Ballast for all Silver Series Models


Sterilight Controller for these systems:
  • Sterilight Silver PA Series
    • S1Q-PA
    • S2Q-PA
    • S5Q-PA
    • S8Q-PA
    • S12Q-PA
  BA-ICE-S replaces the discontinued BA-ICE-F.
  The power cord for the ballast is sold separately.

The Sterilight BA-ICE-S ballast is used in the Silver systems. This electronic ballast fires low pressure regular intensity lamps only. The ballast was designed to have a water-tight case and allows the operator to monitor the system’s condition through its 4 segment LED display.

This controller operates from 100-240V./Hz.

Older Sterilight systems had a ballast with a hard wired power cord. If you are replacing this type of ballast you will need to order a power cord with the new ballast.

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Weight 1.9 lbs
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