Aquafine 8% Cation Softening Resin, 1/2 Bag (0.5 Cu Ft)


AQUAFINE AQ100-Na is a premium high capacity gel polystyrene strong acid cation exchange resin supplied regenerated in the sodium form. It is suitable for use as either residential or commercial water softening equipment.


  • Standard Mesh
  • 8% Cross-Linked
  • Cation Exchange Resin
  • Market Standard Rebed Replacement
  • Life Expectancy of 5-15 years (Dependent on water source)
Physical & Chemical Characteristics
Polymer Matrix Structure Polystyrene 8% cross-linked with Divinylbenzene
Physical Appearance Amber spherical beads
Whole Bead Count 90% minimum
US Standard Mesh Size 16 – 50
Ionic Form as shipped Sodium (Na+)
Approximate Shipping Weight 53 lb / cubic foot (850 grams / litre)
Total Capacity in the Sodium Form 1.9 meq / ml
pH Range, Stability in the
Sodium Form
0 – 14