Harmsco Pleated Sediment Filters

Harmsco Pleated Cartridges

Harmsco Pleated Sediment Filters

for high flow, long life, greater sediment removal and reduced filtration costs.

Harmsco Pleated Sediment Filters

for high flow, long life, greater sediment removal and reduced filtration costs.

PLEATED CARTRIDGES – Pleated cartridges offer more surface area for longer life, increased solids removal and reduced operation costs. Harmsco offers more cartridge lengths and micron sizes than any other supplier.

NSF LISTED PRODUCTS – Harmsco offers a complete line of filter cartridges and housings which are manufactured with FDA listed materials and are NSF-61 Listed for public drinking water use.

QUALITY ASSURANCE – All Harmsco products are tested and validated to assure the highest quality standards.


  • Reverse Osmosis Pre-filtration
  • Municipal Drinking Water Filtration
  • Commercial / Residential Drinking Water Filtration
  • Desalination Pre-filtration
  • Industrial Water Filtration
  • Chill Water Loop Filtration
  • Food & Beverage Filtration
  • Marine /Aquatic Filtration
Pleated Sediment Cartridge Specifications
End Caps Thermally bonded, color coded end caps
Plastisol (pliable PVC, Standard, Big Blue)PVC (Hurricane)
Temperature Range 140°F (4.5 – 60°C)
Media Pleated polypropylene inner layer with outer layers of polypropylene scrim material for support filter media – FDA approved materials, NSF 61 certified Packaging All cartridges are shrink wrapped for purity
Center Tubes Molded Polypropylene (Standard & Big Blue);
Rigid PVC with Perforations (Hurricane)
Flow Rates See data charts below


Harmsco Standard Pleasted Cartridges
Standard cartridges are available
in a wide range of micron ratings and lengths.
Harmsco Big Blue Size Pleated Cartridges
Full-flow cartridges
for 10" & 20" BB housings.
Harmsco Hurricane Pleated Cartridges
Hurricane cartridges for Harmsco & Hurricane housings.

Lower Pressure Drop for Higher Flow Rates

Pressure drops are exceptionally low with Poly-Pleat, WaterBetter® Series cartridges due to high surface area and Polyester-Plus™ engineered media. The data shown (left) is per new 9-3/4″ cartridge in clean water.

Selection Guide

Poly-Pleat Cartridges
  • Pleated one micron absolute cartridges for safe, cyst-free drinking water
  • Available in a wide range of cartridge sizes
  • NSF 61 Listed
WaterBetter Cartridges
  • 2-3/4″ O.D. pleated cartridges designed for Harmsco® HIF, Band Clamp and competitive filter housings
  • Available in 9-3/4″, 10″, 20″, 30″ and 40″ cartridge lengths
  • All cartridges shrink wrapped
  • NSF 61 Listed
Calypso Blue Cartridges
  • 4-1/2″ O.D. pleated cartridges designed for Harmsco HIF, Band Clamp and single cartridge housings
  • Premium Series offers up to 12 sq.ft. of media per 9-3/4″” length; WaterBetter Series 9.5 sq. ft.
  • All cartridges shrink wrapped
  • NSF 61 Listed
Hurricane Cartridges
  • High flow, high surface area
  • Low initial pressure drop provides longer filter life
  • Lowest cost per filtered gallon based on surface area
  • High Temperature cartridges available
  • NSF-61 Listed cartridges available

Washable and Reusable

Harmsco Washable Cartridges

Harmsco cartridges are washable and reusable, five micron and up to reduce filtration costs. For best results, direct spray into pleats to dislodge sediment. Or, let dry and brush off filter cake from surface of the media.

All Harmsco cartridges are individually shrink wrapped for purity