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John Guest ¼" × ¼" × ¼" Union Tee (Acetal)

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  •   Model # PI0208S
  •   UPC 665626047176
  •   Brand John Guest
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NSF 61 Certified

Made in the UK

Quick-Connect Fittings:

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Quick-Connect Fittings

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Organic 1/4" x 1/4" x 1/4" Union Tee


  • Push-fit technology
  • Quick disconnection without the need for tools
  • High chemical resistance
  • Food Quality and suitable for potable liquids and pure water applications
  • Acetal fittings are suitable for air and inert gases and can be used on N2/CO2 mixed gas dispensing lines and in pneumatics applications and vacuum lines.

This fitting is made of the following components:

  • The body is produced in acetal copolymer
  • 'O'Rings are nitrile rubber
  • The collet is produced in acetal copolymer with stainless steel teeth