H2O Whole House Filters, Water Softeners, and Well Water systems are built with Fleck Control Valves.

Fleck Valves

Fleck Controls makes water softener and backwashing filter control valves. Fleck Controls are owned by Pentair Water, a world conglomerate of water-related companies. Fleck makes a large number of control valves for residential and commercial water softeners and backwashing filters, and have been a world leader in this technology for over 50 years.

Fleck Control Valves automatically control the backwash and regeneration cycles for media filters and water softeners to keep your water treatment system working at optimal performance all the time. Fleck control valves are available in time-clock option which can be set to regenerate every day, every two to three days, or on certain days of the week. Fleck valves are also available in metered options for on-demand regeneration based on the volume of water that has been used.

Fleck 5600 Control Valve
Fleck 5600SXT Control Valve
Fleck 5800 Control Valve
Fleck 56812 Control Valve
Fleck 7000SXT Control Valve