The new E-Series was designed for our customers that are already using existing permanent heads but would like an alternative to the replacement bodies currently offered.

The main benefit of the E-Series is price to performance value. E-Series filters, with equal or superior filtration capability, are offered at a considerably lower price than comparable replacement bodies on the market.

Omnipure utilizes several media or media combinations to address standard water problems including granular activated carbon (GAC), polypropylene depth filtration, and polyphospate. Omnipure also offers one or ten micron carbon blocks, carbon blocks with lead sorbent material and carbon blocks with scale inhibitors to address specific water conditions.

E-Series replacement bodies are offered in 6", 8", 10", 12"and 14" lengths. Bodies are tested to withstand pressure of 125 psi and temperature of 100° F. Media service life is designed to handle up to 3,000 gallons in some models and filtration micron ratings are as low as 1 micron in other models.

Omnipure Products

Omnipure K Series Inline Cartridges
K Series Inline Cartridges
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CL Series Inline Cartridges
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E Series Cartridges
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Omnipure Q Series Cartridge Heads
Q Series Cartridge Heads
Omnipure E Series Cartridge Heads
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Omnipure L Series Cartridge Heads
L Series Cartridge Heads

Carbon Block Cartridges

Omnipure 10 inch Standard Carbon Block Cartridges
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