How to Install an Angle Stop Valve

General Description

The ASVPP Range of inch-size Angle Stop Adapter Valves is offered in white polypropylene with food grade EPDM o-rings. Our Angle Stop Adapter Valve connects between your valve and riser, to the main water supply line, for applications in Reverse Osmosis, Filtration Systems, Automatic Coffee Brewers, Ice-makers and many more.

For use with other portable liquids, please refer to our Technical Support Department for guidance.

The valves are not to be used with compressed air, explosive gases, petroleum spirits and other fuel or for heating systems.

How to connect the Angle Stop Adapter Valve

1. Shut off water supply at brass/chrome supply valve.
2. Disconnect riser from brass/chrome supply valve.
3. Ensure that the sealing gasket is fully seated into the Angle Stop Valve female thread.
4. Install Angle Stop Adapter Valve on supply valve.
5. Connect the riser to the Angle Stop Adapter Valve.
6. Fully insert tubing into the Speedfit side of the valve.
7. Open valves and check for leaks.