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Why a Bottleless Water Dispenser?

You may ask "Why choose a bottleless water cooler over a bottled one?" While a bottleless model may require a little more maintenance, like changing the filter cartridges, the benefits more than make up for this. You will save money in the long run with no bottle deliveries to schedule or hassle of changing a 40 lb. bottle with, and the water is made fresh at the point of use.  With a bottleless dispenser you have more space as there is no bulky water bottles to store. Bottled water is less regulated by the EPA and FDA than your tap water and may come from unknown sources or even be public water filtered by reverse osmosis you are paying a premium for. By filtering at the source you can guarantee you are getting quality water, saving money, and helping the environment since there is no big delivery truck driving to your home or office.  You can use a variety of filtration systems with bottleless water dispensers, such as under sink systems, reverse osmosis systems, and inline filters.