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Aries 10" × 2½" Acid Washed Coconut Shell Cartridge

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  • Granular Activated Carbon Cartridge
  • Acid Washed Coconut Shell Carbon
  • Removes Chlorine, Taste & Odor
  • Fits Standard 10" Housings
  • Made in the USA
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We offer housing assemblies without cartridges so you can design your own system.

AF Series cartridges are double-open end cartridges that fit standard residential and industrial housings. Cartridges are available in 2-1/2" and 4-1/2" diameters and 5", 10" and 20" lengths. Using premium Resintech media and offering oversized cartridge cavities, AF Series cartridges provide the best in water purification and filtration.

Model Dimensions Flow Rate (GPM) Capacity (gal)
Operating Maximum
AF-10-1052 10" × 2-1/2" 0.75 1.0 4,000
AF-20-1052 20" × 2-1/2" 1.0 2.0 9,000
AF-10-1046-BB 10" × 4-1/2" 2.0 4.0 13,000
AF-20-1046-BB 20" × 4-1/2" 3.0 5.0 30,000
Product Type Ionic Form Approx. Ship Wt (lbs) Screen Size Water Retnetion Total Exchange Capacity Max. Operating Temp. (°F)
AGC-50 (Std, A, AD, AW) Granular Activated Carbon Na Dry-28
+20 <5
-50 <5
Dry <5
Wet 30-40
Mine 950
Iodine No.
General-purpose coal-based granular activated carbon. Standard grade for low pressure and minimum fines. Available as dry or premoistened (dust free) and as standard or acid washed.