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UV Max Solenoid Valve Kit for G PLUS, H PLUS, J PLUS, and PRO 10, 20, 30 Series

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  1"Solenoid valve kit for UV Max G PLUS, H PLUS, J PLUS, and PRO 10, 20, 30 series.

UV Max recommends the use of a solenoid valve on all monitored UV disinfection systems that are installed. A solenoid valve is an electromagnetic device which moves a plunger up and down when a current is passed through a coil that surrounds the plunger. The solenoid is a valve which is required to default to a desired position, referred to as fail-safe, upon loss of power or a major alarm condition (a drop in UV intensity). Therefore the water flow will stop if there is a loss in power, a lamp failure or a loss of UV dose, giving added security to your UV system.