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UV Max Replacement Lamp for Model C, C4, D/Plus, & D4/Plus Systems

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  •   Model # 602805
  •   UPC 773058028059
  •   Brand Viqua/UV Max
  • Replacement Lamp for UV Max all C & D Models
  • Original UVMax Lamp
  • Don't be Fooled by a Knock-Off
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  UV Lamp Replacement Instructions
UV Max Replacement Lamp for these systems:
  • UV Max Model C
  • UV Max Model C4 (650692)
  • UV Max Model D4 (650694)
  • UV Max Model D4 Plus (650695)


  • UV Max lamps install with an easy quarter-turn to a positive stop to prevent over tightening
  • Lamps should be replaced after one year of operation to ensure proper disinfection.
  • Each replacement lamp is shipped with complete installation instructions with images.
  • Replacement Lamp includes (2) O-rings.
  • Warranty: 1 Year

UV Lamp:

All UV Max systems include an ultraviolet lamp, which is surrounded by a quartz sleeve. The amount of UV light created by the UV lamp decreases over time, requiring that the UV lamp be replaced.

Ultraviolet Lamps

Quality Replacement Lamps

A consumer must consider that when buying a UV system you are buying "water confidence". In order to ensure that confidence, the correct replacement lamp is vital to the continued performance of that piece of equipment. That being said if you buy a specific model it is imperative that you replace the lamp with one that has been designed for that model, otherwise how do you even know that the UV system is disinfecting your water?

There are companies in the water industry that are selling "knockoff" lamps targeting residential UV systems that are sold world wide. These lamps are being offered at a very low price with the promise that they operate the same as the UV manufacturer's lamps. This promise is untrue. If a consumer were to install a "knockoff" lamp the "water confidence" that was being offered by the UV manufacturer no longer holds true and cannot be supported by the manufacturer and voids the warranty on Viqua systems. H2O provides only original UV Max and Sterilight Replacement Lamps.