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WH1354-FX, Filox Point of Entry Iron, Sulfur and Manganese Water Filter

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  • Removes Iron, Sulphur & Manganese
  • 10 - 12 Gallons Per Minute Flow Rate
  • Removes Up to 5 PPM Iron
  • Removes Up to 5 PPM Sulphur
  • Fleck Backwashing Control Valve
Filtered Water Benefits the Whole FamilyWater Systems for Residential Homes

H2O Residential Filox Systems are Designed to Remove Iron, Hydrogen Sulfide and Manganese. These Chemical Free Filters Oxidize Dissolved Metals. A Vigorous Back Wash with Just Water, Rinses the Bed Clean.

The WH1354-FX System is sized for a home with 3 or 4 bathrooms.


  • Stops Iron Staining on Sinks, Tubs and Toilets
  • Protects Laundry from Staining
  • Removes Metallic Taste from Water
  • Removes Rotten Egg Smell
  • Stops Black Stains from Manganese
  • Removes Dirt, Rust & Sediment


System uses Filox Media
This system uses
Filox Media.