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AquaCera Pioneer SS2 Stainless Steel Gravity Filter with (2) AquaCera 7" CeraMetix Candles

  •   Model # W9371830
  •   Brand AquaCera
  • Stainless Steel Gravity Filter
  • For Emergency or Everyday Use
  • Removes Bacteria from Lakes or Stream Water
  • Uses (2) AquaCera 7" CeraMetix Candles
  Due to their effectiveness at eliminating water-born diseases such as cholera, typhoid, E. Coli, etc., these water filters are being specified for field operations by many of the world's major aid and emergency relief organizations.

For customers who do not have a reliable pressurized main water supply, whether it is at home, on a campsite, or in a holiday cottage, a gravity filter enables you to have clean filtered drinking water on tap. Water is poured manually into the upper chamber. It passes through the filter candles under pressure of gravity into the lower chamber where the filtered water can be accessed via a tap on the front of the filter.

Removes BacteriaRemoves CryptosporidiumRemoves GiardiaRemoves ChlorineRemoves Fluoride

Made from high grade polished stainless steel, the SS Gravity Filter is a portable, robust model, which is easy to keep hygienically clean. The SS is very popular with aid organisations and private customers alike.


  • Stainless Steel Gravity Filter with (2) 7" x 2" AquaCera CeraMetix Candles (included)
  • Includes plugs for unused filter openings
  • Makes Water from Lakes & Streams Safe to Drink
  • Same design as British Berkefeld & Doulton's Gravity Filters
  • Up to 10 Gallons Per Day Production Capacity
  • Excellent for Camping, Emergencies or Regular Home Use
  • Removes Chlorine, Bad Taste, Odor, and Color
  • Removes Harmful Bacteria, Cryptosporidium & Giardia
  • Ceramic Surface of Filter is Cleanable
  • Sediment Removal @ 99.99% down to 0.9 µ
Gravity Filter Inside
Independently tested to remove the following parasites and pathogenic bacteria:
Contaminant Removal Effectiveness
E.coli> 99.99%
Cholera> 99.99%
Salmonella> 99.99%
Guinea Worm> 99.99%
Shigella (Dysentery)> 99.99%
Giardia> 99.99%
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