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AquaCera W9332230, HCP Countertop System with CeraMetix Candle

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  •   Model # W9332230
  •   Brand AquaCera
  • Includes AquaCera CeraMetix Candle
  • Removes Chlorine, Taste & Odor
  • Removes Bacteria, Cryptospordium & Giardia
  • Removes Lead & Fluoride
Filtered Water Benefits the Whole Family

The AquaCera HCP Countertop Ceramic Drinking Water Filter System is a free standing ceramic filter for countertop use which is easily installed onto the existing cold water or mixer faucet via a diverter valve. This filter needs no permanent modifications to the kitchen plumbing, allowing filtered or unfiltered water to be drawn from the existing faucet at the turn of a lever. The compact size and superior performance of the AquaCera HCP makes it the perfect choice for apartments, boats, RVs, cottages, hotel rooms, cabins. This is a perfect travel drinking water system.

Removes BacteriaRemoves CryptosporidiumRemoves GiardiaRemoves Fluoride


  • Removes Cholera, Typhoid, Salmonella, Serratia, Fecal Coliform >99.99% - 100% of E-coli
  • Cryptosporidium Parvum, Giardia Lamblia - 100% removal
  • Filtering capacity is 600 gallons on average depending on your water conditions.
  • The CeraMetix W9512600 filter is manufactured to remove suspended solids, pathogenic bacteria, cysts, organic chemicals and improve taste and odor.
  • Reduces chlorine, chloramine, lead, arsenic, VOCs and more
  • Flow rate 0.5 gallons per minute
Flow Rate 0.475 G.P.M. at 50 psi
Maximum working pressure 125 psi (8.6 bars)
Maximum working temperature 100 °F (37.8 °C)
Minimum working temperature 40 °F (4.4 °C)
Recommended cleaning frequency every 6 months or when flow rate is noticeably lower
Recommended change frequency every 12 months
Contaminant Removal The great majority of pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria and cysts are larger than one µ. The pore size of the ceramic filter element is controlled so that it will remove all suspended matter larger than 0.9 µ.
Pathogenic Bacteria Chorela, Typhoid, Salmonella, Serratia, E. Coli, Fecal Coliform: >99.99% removal
Cysts Cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia lamblia: 100% removal (based on tests by Arizona State University)
Sediment Down to 0.9 µ, 100%; 0.5-0.8 µ with a filter efficiency of >99.99% (based on tests by Spectrum Laboratories, Minneapolis, MN)
Filtered Water Benefits the Whole Family