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Pentek Viraguard Countertop System with Built-in Faucet

  •   Model # VCT-1
  •   Part # 160361
  •   Brand Pentek
NSF 42, 53 Certified
Need a replacement filter cartridge? This system uses the
DVG-50 Viraguard Ultrafiltration Cartridge

The VCT-1 Virus Reduction UF System provides reliable virus, bacteria and protozoan cyst reduction for safer and cleaner drinking water without incorporating chemicals into the media or to the filtered water. This system is uniquely designed with integral carbon block and sediment pre-filtration for the reduction of chlorine taste and odor and for providing extended life of the internal membrane element.

Typical Applications

  • Under Sink, Separate Tap
  • Drinking Water Fountains
  • Food Preparation and Hand Washing
  • Photography/Film
  • Coffee Makers
  • Offices, Restaurants

Features & Benefits:

  • Protects and Cleans -
    Removes virus, bacteria, cysts, and other particles down to 0.015 micron in size without relying on the addition of chemicals to the water.
  • No Pump Necessary -
    Requires only water pressure to operate - no need for an electric pump.
  • Applications -
    Provides reduction of microorganisms in the water system due to water main breaks or water treatment failure during floods and power outages.
  • No Maintenance -
    No waste water or brine/concentrate flushing - simply replace cartridge.
  • Maximum Filtration -
    Extra large filtering surface resists clogging.
  • Powerful Flow -
    Utilizes polysulfone membrane with proprietary membrane formulation to deliver high flow at low pressure drop.
  • Longer Life -
    Combined Fiberdyne carbon block and sediment pre-filtration for extended life and chlorine taste and odor reduction.
  • PENTEK Protection -
    Double O-ring end cap seals for robust sealing in PENTEK Seal-Safe 3G housings.
  • No Fouling -
    Filter not susceptible to common substances in water, such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S), natural organic matter (NOM), and total dissolved solids (TDS). Retains natural mineral content of water.