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Contaminant Removal

RO Contaminant Removal Spectrum
View Table of Removable Contaminants
Reverse osmosis systems remove the entire spectrum of drinking water contaminants...

Reverse osmosis drinking water systems include membrane separation, activated carbon absorption and conventional filtration to reduce the entire spectrum of contaminants that can be found in water. RO systems substantially remove heavy metals, such as barium, cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury; radium 226 / 228 selenium, cysts, chlorine, salts, turbidity and more!

Do You Need A Whole Water Filter System?
We offer housing assemblies without cartridges so you can design your own system.

Environmentally Friendly

Water Bottle Landfill

Use our Bottled Water Cost Calculator to find out how much of an impact you have on the environment.

Learn why filtration is better for the environment than bottled water.

Bottled Water vs Tap Water

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Upgrade Your System and Save Money. Replacement Cartridges are now available with Bacteria Removal
Upgrade Your System and Save Money. Replacement Cartridges are now available with Bacteria Removal.
CA Ware EP-MAF Cartridge
Sterilight Replacement Lamp/Sleeve for these systems:
  • Sterilight Model S12Q-PA
  • Sterilight Model SSM-39
  • Sterilight Model S24Q
  • Sterilight Model S40Q
  • Sterilight Model SUV 24-100P
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  New Technology Inside

  System accepts (1) 10" x 2.5" Cartridge sold separately.
  System accepts (1) 10" x 2.5" Cartridge sold separately.
Assembled in the U.S.

Need a replacement filter cartridge? This system uses:

MG-10MCB Microguard Carbon Block Cartridge
Replacement UV Lamp icon

Need a replacement UV lamp? This system uses the
Sterilight S330RL Replacement Lamp

This system replaces:

  • Sterilight SC-200
Under Sink Cutaway Diagram View a cutaway diagram of typical under sink filter to see how it works.

Other Kwik-Change Models:

Warranty Information:

  • RO Filter Housing Assembly - 3 Years
  • Purified Water Faucet - 1 Year
  • NSF Metal Bladder Tank - 1 Year
  • Thin Film Composite Membrane - 1 Year
Particle size removal range by filtration

View a chart of
particle size removal range by filtration
for thin-film composite membranes.
Reverse Osmosis installation animation and service manual

View our new Reverse Osmosis installation animation and service manual included with this system.

View a chart that compares the features of all Everpure residential drinking water systems we sell.

Remineralizing Kit

Neutralize the pH of your RO water
with this Remineralizing Kit.

QCRO4V-50 Contaminant Reduction

Contaminant Influent Maximum Minimum Average
Arsenic 0.30 ± 10% 0.010 98.7 99.6
4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System
4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System
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John Guest Reverse Osmosis Tank Valves
can be found below in Add Ons/Accessories.

Model Maximum Dimensions Port Size Connection Type Chlorine Capacity @ Flow*
GS-6SED/5-B 6" × 2" 1/4" FNTP 5 µm
GS-6SED/5-G 6" × 2" 1/4" John Guest 5 µm
H2O-RUS-100 Specifications
Max. Capacity 2,500 gal. Recommended Flow 0.5 to 1 GPM
Product Dimensions 12" × 4½" Shipping Weight 5¾ lbs.
Recommended Filter Replacement once per year replacement instructions