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The following warranty is effective from the date of installation or 30 after delivery date whichever comes first.

5 year warranty on the Fleck Control Valve. Parts only.

10 year limited warranty on the pressure vessel tank. Parts only.

The warranty on the systems is effective when the systems are functioning under normal operating conditions. Any variation in normal operation that may cause the unit to malfunction will be considered a void of the warranty. For example if a pressure reduction valve fails causing the system to be exposed to high pressure, exposer to freezing temperatures, etc.

All warranty claims are subject to verification and approval by the manufacturer providing the warranty. Warranties do not include labor or shipping.

Due to variances in water quality, water filtration is not an exact science. We have prescribed a system that is known to be effective given normal low pH water conditions. However, certain uncontrollable factors can cause the need for adjustments to be made in your system. The back washing cycle can be made longer and/or more or less frequent.

Heavy rains, earthquakes, and other acts of God can cause water quality to change from time to time. Sometimes excess amounts of sediment may be found in your water supply, which could cause the filter to become clogged. In some circumstances, it is possible that additional components may be needed that were not initially recommended. The cost of any additional components and their installation is not included in the original investment.