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48,000 Grain Water Softener w Fleck 5600SXT Digital Timer Control

48,000 Grain Water Softener
with Fleck 5600SXT Digital Timer Control

Model # H2O-56SE-R-48

Features & Benefits

Our quality water softeners are made with Fleck Controls, Structural Poly Glass™ Tanks, and 8% cross link cation resin made by Dow Chemical. You just can't get better components than these, but you can pay more. A lot more!

All of our softeners include safety brine overflow valves and noryl bypass and are available with either 3/4" or 1" MNPT noryl yoke. Also included is an 14" × 14" × 36" brine tank which can hold up to 100 lbs of salt at a time. 1/2" heavy duty drain line is available for 20¢/ft. Salt is available at your local store. Our softeners can also be regenerated with potassium chloride as a salt alternative.

Systems include simple instructions for putting a softener into service. Installation can be performed by any local plumber, handyman or home owner with knowledge of joining pipes. The job is similar to installing a water heater. It's really no big deal, and there are many people in your town who can do it.

All water softeners include: Noryl Bypass, 3/4" Noryl Yoke, Safety Brine Valve, Top Distributor Upper Basket, Gravel Under-bedding, Fixed Elbow Drain Fitting

Water Softener Assembly Diagram

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Model # H2O-56SE-R-48
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Hard Water Map of the United States

Gear Icon Specifications

Controller Type: Fleck 5600SXT Timer Service/Peak Flow: 10 / 15 GPM
Softening Capacity: 48,000 grain Amount of Resin: 0.75 cu. ft.
Tank Size: 10" ×54" Shipping Weight: 65 lbs.
Resin Cross Link: Cyberion 8% Media Replacement Frequency: 10-15 years with proper regeneration

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Digital Valve Softener Comparison

Model # Controller Service Flow Peak Flow Tank Size Softening
H2O-56SE-R-24 5600SXT Timer 6 GPM 9 GPM 8" × 44" 24,000 grain 65 lbs.
H2O-56SEM-R-24 5600SXT Meter
H2O-56SE-R-32 5600SXT Timer 8 GPM 12 GPM 9" × 48" 32,000 grain 75 lbs.
H2O-56SEM-R-32 5600SXT Meter
H2O-56SE-R-48 5600SXT Timer 10 GPM 15 GPM 10" × 54" 48,000 grain 100 lbs.
H2O-56MSE-R-48 5600SXT Meter
H2O-56SE-R-64 5600SXT Timer 12 GPM 18 GPM 12" × 52" 64,000 grain 130 lbs.
H2O-56SEM-R-64 5600SXT Meter
H2O-56SE-R-80 5600SXT Timer 14 GPM 19 GPM 13" × 54" 80,000 grain 150 lbs.
H2O-56SEM-R-80 5600SXT Meter