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H2O-56SE-R-48, 48,000 Grain Water Softenerwith Fleck 5600SXT Digital Timer Control

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  Removes Hard Minerals
  Fleck 5600 Digital Timer Control
  Timer Regenerates Based on Count of Days
  Less Expensive Than Metered Model
Filtered Water Benefits the Whole Family
6 Benefits of Water Softeners Hard Water FAQ How Water Softeners Work Hard Water and Laundering Water Hardness Map
H2O's High Quality Water Softeners, Built with the Industry's Best Components, Will Provide Your Family with Luxurious Soft Water for Many Years of Reliable Performance.


  • Removes Calcium, Magnesium, Lime and Iron
  • Prevents Scale Build Up in Hot Water Pipes (shown above) and on Heating Elements
  • Optimizes Soap Use / Reduces Costs
  • Almost Doubles Fabric Life
  • Significantly Reduces Maintenance Costs
  • Improves Energy Efficiency of Water Heater


H2O Water Softeners are made with Fleck Controls, Structural Poly Glass™ Tanks, and softening resin from Resintech that can stand up to chlorinated water.

The large capacity brine tank can hold up to 100 lbs of salt. Our softeners can also be regenerated with potassium chloride as a salt alternative.

  All water softeners include: Noryl Bypass, 3/4" or 1" Noryl Yoke, Safety Brine Valve, Top Distributor Upper Basket, Gravel Under-bedding & Fixed Elbow Drain Fitting
Water Softener Assembly Diagram

View our new Water Softener system assembly instructions included with this system.
Valve Installation
Controller Type: Fleck 5600SXT Timer Service / Peak Flow: 12 / 20 GPM
Softening Capacity: 48,000 Grains Amount of Resin: 1.5 Cubic Feet
Resin Tank Size: 10" × 54" Shipping Weight: 100 lbs.
Resin Cross Link: 8% Replacement Frequency: 10-15 Years With Proper Regeneration
Structural Pressure Vessels
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US Water Hardness Map
Click on the map to see if you live in an area prone to water hardness.

Digital Valve Softener Comparison

Model # Controller Service Flow Peak Flow Tank Size Softening
H2O-56SE-R-32 5600SXT Timer 8 GPM 12 GPM 9" × 48" 32,000 grain 75 lbs.
H2O-56SEM-R-32 5600SXT Meter
H2O-56SE-R-48 5600SXT Timer 12 GPM 20 GPM 10" × 54" 48,000 grain 100 lbs.
H2O-56SEM-R-48 5600SXT Meter
H2O-56SE-R-80 5600SXT Timer 20 GPM 28 GPM 13" × 54" 80,000 grain 160 lbs.
H2O-56SEM-R-80 5600SXT Meter