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Everpure H-1200 Drinking Water System

Everpure® H-1200 Drinking Water System

Model # EV-928200  |  Part # EV-928200

Need a new filter? This system uses the
Everpure H-1200 Replacement Cartridge

  • Built in water shut off.
  • The H-1200 has more filter area than ordinary home units of similar size, for more consistent performance and longer life.
  • Exclusive Micro-Pure® filtering material coats entire pleated surface inside cartridge — removes up to 99.9%+ of all particles 0.5 µ (1/50,000 inch) and larger for the entire rated life of the cartridge.
  • A heavy-duty, aluminum cartridge housing protects the Everpure filter system from splitting or bursting. It's lined with a foodgrade polymer that prevents the water from coming in contact with the aluminum.
  • Dual cartridge system increases life over single systems.
  • Pleated surface increases water's exposure to activated carbon for longer cartridge life and improved efficiency.
  • Easy-change disposable cartridge has metal walls to resist water pressure surges which are known to crack or split some plastic filter housings.
  • Scale inhibitor blended into Micro-Pure® material reduces mineral build-up in water-using appliances, as tested by Everpure.
  • Dual stage filtration design ensures maximum reduction of contaminants.
  • A standard Faucet, Fittings, Tubing, and Installation Instructions are included with this system. Luxury Faucets are also available in a variety of colors. Call for information on colored faucets.

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Environmental Impact:

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Gear Icon Specifications

H-1200 System Specifications
Flow Rate: controlled at 0.5 GPM (1.9 L/min) Temperature: 35 - 100 °F (2 - 38 °C)
Pressure: 10 - 125 PSI (non-shock) (0.7 - 8.6 bar) Capacity: 1,000 gal. (3,780 L)

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H-1200 Made in the United StatesNSF® CertifiedWQA® Certified Everpure® Replacement Cartridges for H-1200 System (Set includes 2 Cartridges)
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ICEKIT14 Refrigerator / Icemaker Connection Kit w/ 1/4" Tee
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