Spun Polypropylene Sediment Filters
Graded Density Outer Layer Middle Layer Inner Layer
0.5 Micron Filter Layers 5 Micron 3 Micron 0.5 Micron
1 Micron Filter Layers 20 Micron 5 Micron 1 Micron
5 Micron Filter Layers 30 Micron 10 Micron 5 Micron
10 Micron Filter Layers 30 Micron 20 Micron 10 Micron
20 Micron Filter Layers 50 Micron 30 Micron 20 Micron
50 Micron Filter Layers 100 Micron 100 Micron 50 Micron

Melt Blown Sediment Filters in all standard 10", 20", and big blue sizes. Available with nominal micron ratings of 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 20, and 50. Ideal for aggressive chemicals and general filtration requirements when depth filtration is required. Each cartridges is individually shrink wrapped.

These filters are designed for the removal of dirt, rust and sediment from water. 5 and 20 micron are the most popular sizes for drinking water applications. Consider using a 20 micron cartridge first and then stepping down to a 5 micron cartridge.

Cartridges rated for temperatures up to 125 °F. Polypropylene construction for excellent chemical resistance. No binders, additives, or lubricants to leach into the water. 5 GPM max flow rate for 5 micron cartridge, 9-3/4" × 2-1/2" OD.

*Depth filtration chart and diagram to right refers to LF-PP gradient density cartridges only.