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Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

H2O International® Compact Portable Countertop Filter

  • Portable Counter Top Unit Connects Easily to Most Standard Faucets
  • GAC/KDF Media with 3 Built-in Sediment filter pads
  • Use for drinking, cooking, ice, coffee, tea, juice, pets, plants & more
  • Removes Chlorine, Bad Taste, Odor, and Color
  • Diverter, Tubing & Adaptors Included to fit most faucets
  • Installs in minutes without tools
  • Optional Cleanable Pre-Filter for heavy sediment removal
  • 3 Year Pro-Rata Warranty

H2O International® 5-Spray Massaging Shower Filter w/ Chlorine Removal

  • Removes up to 99% of harmful chlorine
  • Helps eliminate dry skin and hair
  • Ideal gift for anyone with a skin condition
  • 5 massaging spray patterns
  • Easy to replace cartridge is included
  • No tools needed — takes about a minute to replace
  • Installs easily on any standard shower pipe
  • Chrome finish

Doulton® Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter

  • 10 Gallons Per Day Production Capacity
  • Uses two Doulton 2" x 7" Super Sterasyl Candles (included)
  • Excellent for Camping, Emergencies or Regular Home Use
  • Removes Chlorine, Bad Taste, Odor, and Color
  • Removes Harmful Bacteria, Cryptosporidium & Giardia
  • No Installation Required
  • Royal Doulton Filters have been used for over 150 Years
  • Ceramic Surface of Filter is Cleanable
  • Sediment Removal @ 99.99% down to 0.9 microns


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