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Sterilight Ballast for S2Q-/2, S5Q-/2, S8Q-/2 & S12Q-/2

Sterilight® Replacement Ballast for S2Q-/2, S2Q-GOLD-/2, S5Q-/2, S5Q-GOLD-/2, S8Q-/2, S8Q-GOLD-/2, S12Q-/2 & S12Q-GOLD-/2

Model # BA-ICE-3F

This controller fits these systems:

  1. S2Q-/2
  2. S2Q-GOLD-/2
  3. S5Q-/2
  4. S5Q-GOLD-/2
  5. S8Q-/2
  6. S8Q-GOLD-/2
  7. S12Q-/2
  8. S12Q-GOLD-/2

The Sterilight® ICE BA-ICE-3F ballast is an electronic ballast for low pressure regular intensity lamps. This is a 100-110 V./50-60 Hz, 200-250 V./50-60 Hz ballast which comes equipped with an audible alarm. The BA-ICE-3F gives a constant current output allowing the lamp to give off a consistent UV dose throughout its one year life.

This controller is compatible with these models; S2Q-/2, S2Q-GOLD-/2, S5Q-/2, S5Q-GOLD-/2, S8Q-/2, S8Q-GOLD-/2, S12Q-/2, and S12Q-GOLD-/2.

Model # BA-ICE-3F
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Made in Canada
Made in Canada