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Sterilight Ballast for SUV 24P-100P-/2, S24Q-/2, S24Q-GOLD-/2, SSW-4-/2, SSW-6-/2 & SSW-6-/2

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Made in Canada
Sterilight Controller for these systems:
  • SUV 24P-100P-/2
  • S24Q-/2
  • S24Q-GOLD-/2
  • SSW-4-/2
  • SSW-6-/2
  • SSW-6-/2

The Sterilight BA-E36122 is a two lamp electronic ballast which replaces the BA-E3612. This constant current ballast will only operate if both lamps are firing, and will shut itself down after a one minute period if one lamp happens to fail. The BA-E36122 operates from 100-250V./50-60Hz and fires 36" lamps only.