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AIP-RO-6 Inline Sediment Filter

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  •   Model # AIP-RO-6
  •   Brand Kemflo
  • 6" X 2" Inline Filter
  • Dirt, Rust & Sediment Removal
  • 5 Micron Rating
  • 1/4" FNPT Connections
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Removal of dirt, rust & sediment down to 5 microns
Industry Standard Size 6" × 2" Inline Post-Filter Cartridge
This Filter replaces:
  • Omnipure CL10PF5

This filter is often used when space restrictions will not allow for a 10" X 2" Inline Filter to fit.

Great for any low flow application where sediment filtration is needed such as coffee makers, ice machines or prefiltration to protect more expensive filters from clogging with dirt, rust & sediment.

Maximum Flow: 0.75 GPM (2.84 L/min.)
Maximum Pressure: 125 PSI (8.61 bars)
Maximum Temperature: 100°F.(38°C.)
Connections: 1/4" FNPT on both ends